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Native Seed Cleaning

 03/27/2019  |  05:30 PM - 07:30 PM
  Ron Stewart Parks & Open Space Building  |  Registration Required

Volunteer Work Projects - All Ages Welcome

Processing native seed is a great way give back to our open space lands in the winter time! Each year, Boulder County Parks and Open Space collects hundreds of pounds of native seed for use in ecological restoration (in 2018, we collected 265 bulk lbs!). Sometimes, this seed needs some post processing so we are better able to store it and use it in the future - that's where we need your help! Last November, we collected a large amount of Prairie Sagewort (Atremesia campestris) and we've been busy working through the bulk and making great progress! This is a low-tech effort, and all you need are your hands to tease the seed off of the stalk! I'll provide the rest! If you're new to the native seed world... read on to learn about how and why we collect native seed: Using native seed in re-vegetation efforts is essential to restoring native plant diversity and encouraging resiliency in our lands. Native plants have evolved over time to thrive in Boulder County's unique habitats. Since we are situated at an ecotone (transition zone) between the grasslands and the mountains, we have a unique climate, unique soils, and specific biotic and abiotic interactions, and using local plant genetics are instrumental to plant establishment and persistence. Often times, however, native seeds are not available commercially, they are too expensive, or the available seeds are not ecologically appropriate. Volunteers have helped increase the availability of native seed for Parks and Open Space by hand-collecting a variety of species, including grasses, sedges, wildflowers and shrubs. Volunteers are essential to the success of our program! I hope you'll consider joining me and a whole bunch of really fun folks clean some seed! Talk soon! Carrie.

Minimum Participants: 5
Maximum Participants: 25

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Carrie Cimo
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