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Birds of Prey Driving Tour

 03/11/2023  |  09:00 AM - 12:00 PM
 |  Registration Required

Natural History - All Ages Welcome

Hop in your car with friends & family and join us for a driving tour of some of Boulder County’s best areas to view birds of prey. Follow the tour map to designated stops with volunteer naturalist and search the skies for raptors, learn about their habitat and behavior and work on your observation and identification skills.

Maximum Participants: 10

Registration is required for this activity.

Boulder County wants to ensure that everyone has equal access to our programs, activities, and services. To request an Americans with Disability Act (ADA) accommodation, please email [email protected], or call 303-441-1386. Submit your request as early as possible, and no later than three business days before the event.

If you need help in another language, please email [email protected], or call 303-678-6277. Contact us as early as possible, and no later than three business days before the event.

Carlos Lerma
(303) 678-6214

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Leader/Volunteer Info

John Profile Photo

John W - Volunteer Naturalist

I got a BS in Zoology and did graduate work in Wildlife Management, but spent my career in IT as a programmer and network architect. Now that I am retired, I can spend more time enjoying nature. My favorite topics are wildlife, nature photography and astronomy.

Peter Profile Photo

Peter G - Volunteer Naturalist

I have lived in Boulder since September 1976 and have birded extensively since then in Boulder County and Colorado. I have twice been president of the Colorado Field Ornithologists, and am currently chairman of the CFO Colorado Bird Records Committee. I spent most of my career at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, where I studied the role of the ocean in climate. I worked extensively on the climate model that is based at NCAR, and used it to make projections of the future climate.

Sue Profile Photo

Sue C - Volunteer Naturalist

I signed on to the BCPOS Volunteer Naturalist program in 2001, but, in reality, I have been a "naturalist" my entire life! Every aspect of the natural world intrigues me and, amazingly, it has the power to simultaneously lift me up in awe and take me to my knees in reverence and profound thankfulness! My interests are birds, native plants, geography and their related eponymy and over the last decade I have focused on the field identification and ecology of birds of prey.

Vicki Profile Photo

Vicki B - Volunteer Naturalist